One of our Custom Timber Frame Homes for Sale This May 2020

This lovely homes is on five and 1/2 acres. This is what I would want as a dream home myself!

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This Home and Property for sale!

Five and 1/2 Acres

Our Custom Log and Timber Frame Homes Sell Fast!  This May 2020 one is going on the market. Five and 1/2 beautiful rural acres and a spectacular home will be sold! Contact us for details!


Five and 1/2 Acres

This Home and Property for sale!

Five and 1/2 Acres

Our homes when sold go fast! This one is ideally situated and close to Lake Placid, New York.  Protective covenants guarantee your privacy and investment. For your family this place has beauty, comfort, and value. It also has enough Isolation to be safe! 


This Home and Property for sale!

This Home and Property for sale!

This Home and Property for sale!

Here is a home and property for sale this May 2020  that was built using great materials.  Ideal water and driveway with access rights to a 26 mile long lake! This place will sell quickly so contact us soon!

Planning, Design, Construction, and Management

A 12.5 Acre Pond in Vermont We worked on. It has an island. Photo taken with our 7K Aerial Rig

Initial Study of Your Site Could be The Most Important

A site visit to the actual pond, lake or cabin site will evaluate your water source, analyze soils, search the surrounding area for ponds and lakes and their clues for what this site's potential is, or isn't. Virtually no person alive in this nation has done more project review of this nature. Save your money and your time until your dream pond site passes this test. Contact me via email to discuss this essential fist step! If you cant find a worthy site we can help you with that!

Design of a pond lake or cabin can make a huge difference

A lot of ponds or lakes fail to become clear, or cold enough in summer, or produce the outstanding swimming and fishing environment you envision. We built about fifty before really getting good at it. Now even fishing tournaments and trophy fish are routine in our waters. We bring water to life. Clearwater is our specialty!

Experience in many areas of the USA

Having worked for a number of states and the Federal Government I have seen, studied, helped design, build and manage everything from tackle company fish pond display and casting ponds, to large reservoirs with epic recreational recreational and flood control, hydroelectric, and the value of these waters has become part of the American Way of Life. But even in an urban backyard we can develop a sanctuary that can make you very happy to come home and relax!

Spring and Summer are great times to have us visit

If you are trying to create a cold water pond consider these facts. You do not need or perhaps want a stream or river flowing into your pond or lake. What do you have for groundwater? Does your local contractor have a PhD in this? I do and have years of solving how to build these waters and make them thrive. Go jump in your own lake!

Creating Spring Beauty : Follow along as we build a secluded mountain Brook Trout pond and stream

Like the Shoemaker's children who often go barefoot we go for years and don't build more for our own farms as we are too busy helping others. 2019 finds us with final plans to build a 1/2 acre spring fed pond and a spawning channel at one of our own 45 gallon per minute springs. The name is for the Claytoni flowers that grow there by the many thousands in spring, and for the spring water. This pond will have a beautiful flowering plant border that many refer to as Chick Magnets! The increase in real estate value, fishing,  swimming, and potential to raise your own safe food are all  real incentive to build your own sanctuary.

Questions you need answers for when you build a pond

How can the pond be made clear? How can you prevent the pond from being filled with runoff sediment? How can the water be oxygenated? How can you prevent getting trash fish invading your pond? How can you manage your fish population by stocking or catch and release? What type of fish should you stock? Why do you need a permit before staring construction? Why do you need a stocking permit? How much does a pond cost? Why is the first site visit so important to guide your work?

About Us

Robin Johnson now the primary builder of these ponds and lakes holding a stadia rod during a site vi

Our Pond and Lake and even Cabin and property management, Design, and Construction

We have built thousands of ponds and lakes in many USA states and a few in Canada. I started this enterprise in the 1960s and have worked as a privateer, for various states and the USA. First stage is always a feasibility study as water supply, site attributes, and other factors are very important. 

The Happiest Day of My Life declared this Pond Owner. They call it Promise Pond. That is because the

Great Customer Support

We are biologists and skilled builders who can assist you in building the valuable pond or lake of your dreams. Lots of articles on this are written by amateurs and rarely achieve what we can based on wide ranging experience and attention to customer wishes and adherence to environmentally correct permitting and construction. 


Who We Are

We are four generations of farmers and ranchers who have devoted a lifetime of devotion to proper land management. We have been involved in every stage of this enterprise from ownership, tax payers, to state and federal project review. I follow every single build from initial contacts to followups long after the hard work is done. Ou clients are amazed at our attention to detail and concern for natural resources and their goals and concerns. 

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you!

Send us an email. We usually respond in one day. Then we will discuss your pond or cabin goals and make certain what we can do to help. Some owners use us for the expert consultants. Some have us build everything. If we think it is a good project you can count on our undivided attention.

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