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Ponds, Lakes, and Cabins Built by Professionals

We have designed, permitted, and built thousands of ponds and lakes. These are ponds built by biologists and expert heavy equipment operators. We have built them in a number of USA states and in Canada. We have also built cabins, fishing lodges, bridges, dams, roads, installed Internet Cable, and many other technical features. We are experts in rural country property management. I have a PhD in Aquatic Science and Natural resources. We have engineering licenses in some states. We also have stock plans for our Timber Frame Cabins which are highly rated and will last for centuries! Your dream homestead starts here!

When to have us look at your pond or cabin site

It is the Month of May. This Spring and Summer is a great time to make a site visit to your property or help you evaluate land you are considering buying to assess the merits of that purchase. We have had hundreds of satisfied customers and businesses that we have served over the years. Trout ponds sites and water sources are best looked at in warmer months. having an equipment operator make these calls for you is rarely going to work in your favor.

A solid track record of successful home Sites

We have built ponds for the biggest tackle companies in the USA. We have also built ponds and lakes for a number of USA State Governments. We can direct you to those places and also have you talk directly to happy pond, lake and cabin owners in many places. Contact us to get details. 

Water under the Bridge means you can expect we deliver

I have personally over fifty years of doing this work. We have dramatic video and stills of these projects. My goal with this website is to let you know we are available to help. I am trying to share some of my wealth with landowners who love this planet. We have built trout ponds and cabins in places that were already legendary fishing destinations before we worked there. Owning your own private shoreline or casting ponds or fee fishing ponds even has gained us many friends in spectacular settings. We also have built them in urban settings that are considered a reason to stay living in a heavily populated area. But the first step is an on the ground feasibility study. I should warn you right now many sites we advise against doing anything!  Now though is the time to call or write and get our advice and plan a site visit when you and our experts are available.

Our locations to serve you, and On Site Design and Work

We have offices in New York and Florida, We will work anywhere we think is the right spot for a beautiful pond, lake, or cabin. Every day I am busy doing landscape work, design, cleanup etc. I also try to answer every email, phone calls when I am by a telephone, or to responses to this site. unlike some industries I can provide a lot of help at no cost too you. But as a former Army Colonel, I do not like to waste your time or mine. Trust the Universe, send me an email, and if myself, my son or grandsons can help we will.

FAQ How we can help

For a pond you need water. We have built many skating ponds, swimming ponds, indoor-outdoor swimming and fish pools, but a water quality scientist would be usually a good bet for such an assessment. our difference is number of years and locales we have had success in. 

The initial site visit is extremely important. Contact us to talk that over. It starts by sending us an email. We will ask questions about your site or find a property for you!

Best fish to stock in any cold water pond is trout. Be very cautious about other species. Yes we build ponds and raceways, etc., for fisheries, both cold and warm water. 

We fish and Captain boats in fresh and salt water. I have worked for tackle companies, some the biggest computer companies and have done this work for the US Government and USA States. 

Our focus though is to guide YOU to creating or enhancing your property to be the best for you and your grandchildren. Preppers who worry that Supermarkets may not be able to supply you and your family someday are in luck as that is one of our signature specialties. 

Brook Trout need minimum 75 degrees max. I assisted in !962 on the USDA Trout in Farm Ponds Study and Large Mouth Bass in Farm Ponds  Study done by Cornell University. 

I have known some of the best Fish cook Book authors and we specialize in selecting, stocking, and managing these fish. Know this....A stocking Permit for such stocking is a legal requirement in every state in the USA. Stock NO FISH without a permit and advice from the peer authorities. Having had those professional responsibilities in my fishery research and management  career I know first hand how bad things can go. 

Read my blogs here on oxygenating  your pond. the Lake of the Beautiful Trout, Reasons for a trout pond, etc.,

Yes we have built ponds where your back cast would go over Hat Creek in California, The Yellowstone or Rock Creek in Montana, etc.. I have had lifelong Fisheries Scientists built trout ponds on their own property after meeting me and seeing some of our water. An Example for Dr. Albert Hazard

on his Cadosia Creek Property in New York's Catskill Mountains. He was Head of Trout Research for State of Pennsylvania for years and one of the Biologists on New York State's 1930 Biological Survey run by Dr. Emaline Moore who was Chairman of the American Fisheries Society.